She Lost 60 Pounds With Weight Watchers

She Lost 60 Pounds With Weight Watchers

Average, not out of the ordinary, common; these words have been used to describe my body type for most of my life. It is when the word “overweight” was used that a change needed to be made.

July 2011. I move back to my hometown after living in Colorado for year. I decide to make an appointment with my Endocrinologist. As with every doctor appointment, the dreadful moment came to check my weight. That number cannot be correct.

I was at this doctor’s office just a year ago. First thought: One year, plus twenty pounds, overweight, a-ha. A change needed to be made.Fourteen years ago, I was diagnosed with Juvenile Type I Diabetes at just twelve years old. This disease is comparable to balancing on a seesaw: you on one side, and food, insulin, exercise, stress, etc. on the opposite end. As one can imagine, it’s not an easy task to keep that balance. Adding Weight Watchers on my side has made this balancing game more achievable than I could have ever imagined. My Diabetes has never been more in my control.

I have been familiar with Weight Watchers for some time. I have seen my mom lose weight with the program. It was time for both of us to make the commitment. On January 14, 2012, my new life began. Throughout this journey, my mom has been my number one fan and I have done the same for her. We have a Weight Watchersbond for life. We are each other’s inspiration for a healthier lifestyle. This change is not unnoticed. Friends, co-workers, family are curious. “How have you done this?” “What diet are you trying?” I explain this is no diet, no “quick fix”, and no gimmick. This is a lifestyle change. There is a beginning, but no end in sight; no desire to end this wonderful journey.

February 2013. Final thought: One year, minus 60 pounds, extraordinary, a-ha. A change has been made. Thank you Weight Watchers.

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